Follow these Steps to Obtain Church Activity Medical Assistance

  1. Complete the CAMA Request Form

    In the event of an accident or qualified sickness, a Church Activity Medical Assistance Request Form must be completed by the injured or the parent/guardian of the injured as well as the bishop or branch president. Contact the bishop or branch president of the area in which you live to obtain this required form. There are instructions on the form of what information needs to be provided.
  2. Follow Insurance Coverage Guidelines (If Insured)

    If the injured person has other coverage, Church Activity will act as your secondary payer. This means we will make payment after your insurance has made payment. To maximize your insurance benefits, be sure to follow the guidelines of your primary insurance plan by using contracted providers or pharmacies, getting preauthorization when necessary, etc. To reduce your out-of-pocket costs, you may also want to use providers that are contracted both with your insurance carrier and with DMBA. To see DMBA's contracted providers, go to Find a Medical Provider.
  3. Use DMBA Network Providers (If Not Insured)

    If the injured person doesn’t have insurance coverage, Church Activity will act as your primary payer. To reduce your out-of-pocket costs, be sure to use DMBA contracted providers. To see who's available in your area, go to Find a Medical Provider.
  4. Ensure Billings are Sent to DMBA

    After you are enrolled in CAMA, DMBA will provide a DMBA identification number (DMBA ID) so the provider can bill us directly. If you are insured, make sure the provider has both your insurance information and DMBA ID and billing information.

    If your provider won't bill us directly, it is your responsibility to make sure we get the correct billing forms so we can pay your claims (physician form CMS 1500, hospital or facility form UB04, or the standard dental claim form). If you have insurance, we will also need the Explanation of Benefits (EOB).

    If your accident or qualified sickness requires purchase of prescription medications and you wish to be reimbursed, you must send us a copy of your itemized bill. This should include your physician’s name, medication name, quantity, purchase date and cost.
  5. Realize DMBA May Not Pay for Everything

    DMBA will make payments based on available assistance. For more information about payments, requirements, guidelines, and exclusions, please see the Church Activity Medical Assistance Handbook.
  6. Contact DMBA if you have questions.