Before serving as a senior missionary or volunteer for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, it is important for you to understand how your health insurance works. You will also need to know what the Church considers adequate health insurance in order to serve. Click here for the Church’s definition of adequate health insurance coverage.

Understanding Your Health Insurance

Most plans will not pay benefits unless you receive services within a certain geographical area from network providers. If you are enrolled in Medicare, you can obtain care fairly easily within the United States. But Medicare will not provide coverage outside the United States, and neither will most Medigap, Medicare Advantage, or employer-sponsored retiree plans. If you are or will be eligible for Medicare while serving, we encourage you to review the Medicare information available on this site.

Needing the Senior Service Medical Plan (SSMP)

Please note the SSMP is only available to individuals whose current health insurance will not provide adequate coverage where they are serving. Coverage, benefits, terms and conditions of the SSMP, etc. are provided by Aetna International. For more information review the documents found under the Coverage Information drop down or contact Aetna International.

If you are called to an area where your current health insurance will not provide adequate coverage, you will need to enroll in a plan that provides benefits where you are called to serve. The SSMP is provided as an option for you. To obtain information about enrollment in the SSMP, please review the information on this site regarding the Senior Service Medical Plan Benefits.

For More Information

For more information about how your health insurance will be affected by your mission, please contact the Missionary Medical Membership Team. For help in preparing to serve a mission and other non-insurance issues, please go online to