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Sarah helped me navigate through many complex sections of a 20-page form. I am extremely grateful to Sarah, not only for her professionalism, but also for her GENUINE caring and what we call here in Hawaii The ALOHA SPIRIT.
I just wanted to let you know that Katrina was extremely helpful to me with questions I had about my FLEX spending. After a marathon chat, we finally figured it out. I suggest a raise :)
Chandra listened and went the extra mile for me. I am very grateful for that because Chandra made me feel like DMBA truly cares about my situation.
I continually bombarded several people at DMBA with questions today. I was concerned about making sure everything was in order before St. Mark's transferred me from acute care to transitional care. Job well done to everyone who worked to get the fast approval.
I want to thank Lesley for working with us. She truly went beyond what she needed to do to help me and to speed up the process. It is so nice knowing that she cared enough about my needs to follow up and be proactive in my behalf. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
Abraham, thank you so much for your help yesterday, especially when I was numb from the dentist and grumpy because my Benny card was declined. You were very professional and kind to a not-very-nice lady. You deserve a raise! Thank you again for your patience and kind help.
Cassie was thorough, compassionate, knowledgeable, and went above and beyond to ensure that everything was taken care of for me. She checked with others in a very kind and professional way. I had many questions during the course of our conversation and sincerely appreciate all that Cassie did for me in getting things resolved.
Lisa was able to answer all of my questions instead of transferring me to other representatives. I am very thankful for her outstanding customer service.
My wife and I appreciate Garrett's due diligence in our behalf. DMBA has always been fair with us, and we are grateful for them as the Church's health insurance carrier. Our thanks goes out to Garrett for caring so much.
Michael was extremely helpful when I called about my missionary daughter. He was great and addressed all my concerns kindly and professionally.
I want to tell you all how wonderful Steven was today helping me on the phone. Steven was very patient, understanding, helpful, and knowledgeable -absolutely top notch in assisting with my problem.
Bridger helped me make sure that my daughter's camp physical would be covered by our Value plan. He also checked to make sure that our doctor was a contracted provider. He was quick, efficient, and patient when I had a sad toddler to take care of.

All to achieve:

DMBA's Purpose

To support the mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and its affiliates by helping our plan participants be healthy and prepare for retirement.

DMBA's Mission

We partner with Church organizations to help improve health and retirement outcomes by (1) delivering effective benefits, (2) providing exceptional service, (3) prudently managing the funds entrusted to us, and (4) safeguarding personal information.

DMBA's Values

TRUST - We earn trust by being honest, genuine, and accountable in our work.
RESPECT - We show respect by listening and being kind, empathetic, and objective.
UNITY - We unite through collaboration, sincerity, and a common purpose.
EXCELLENCE - We strive to be excellent at what we do and seek opportunities to improve.