For Bishops, Stake, District, or Branch Presidents to Request Church Activity Medical Assistance

  1. As a bishop, stake, district, or branch president, you can request the use of general funds from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to help pay for certain medical or funeral expenses that are a result of an injury or qualified sickness at a church activity. Medical expenses are paid through the Church Activity Medical Assistance (CAMA) program, which is administered by Deseret Mutual Benefit Administrators (DMBA).
  2. To begin the process to consider CAMA, you should report any church activity incidents using the Global Incident Reporting (GIR) system found online at

  3. After an incident has been submitted through GIR, you will be alerted by email if the incident can be considered for CAMA. Instructions on how to recommend that the injured person be considered for CAMA will be included in your email. In other words, the request for CAMA goes through the GIR system.
  4. Please note that before you request Church funds to provide charitable assistance through CAMA, you should consider the injured person’s ability to pay their medical expenses through any other means, including insurance coverage or other sources. The decision of whether to approve use of CAMA is up to you. However, you do not authorize any specific payment through CAMA.
  5. If you recommend CAMA to be provided, the injured person or their guardian(s) will receive an email with instructions about how to provide additional details about the incident. A unique login link to GIR will also be included with the email.
  6. Please note that the injured person’s access into GIR requires internet access and a valid Church Account. An injured person who does not have a Church Account should register by going online to

  7. After you approve access to CAMA, and DMBA is able to provide assistance, you and the injured person will receive a letter from DMBA with instructions on how to coordinate CAMA payments. DMBA makes payments in accordance with CAMA guidelines.
  8. Please note, DMBA will reimburse expenses up to 30 days after the injured person’s enrollment in CAMA. Reimbursement requests after those 30 days will be returned to the injured person. That is so the injured person can work with the medical or dental providers to have them submit bills directly to DMBA for payment.

For more information about CAMA guidelines, go to the Church Activity Medical Assistance Handbook.