For Injured Persons to Understand Church Activity Medical Assistance

  1. Access to Church Activity Medical Assistance (CAMA) is at the discretion of the bishop or stake, district, or branch president. CAMA uses general funds from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to help pay for certain medical or funeral expenses. CAMA is administered by Deseret Mutual Benefit Administrators (DMBA).
  2. If you are injured or have a qualified sickness during a church activity, contact your bishop to determine if he will request assistance from CAMA. To begin the process, your bishop will need to go the Global Incident Reporting (GIR) system online at

  3. After your bishop initiates the assistance request, the GIR system will send an email and link to you in order to obtain information about the incident. Please note that you will need to access the GIR with the internet and a valid Church Account. If you do not have a Church Account, go online to to register.

  4. If the request is approved by DMBA, you and your bishop will be notified by letter from DMBA with information about CAMA. DMBA will assign you a DMBA identification number (DMBA ID), which is used by DMBA to coordinate the assistance provided.
  5. DMBA may contact you or the bishop if information is missing or if we need clarification. Please note that although the bishop or stake, district, or branch president requests assistance for you, DMBA determines and authorizes specific payments according to the guidelines of CAMA.
  6. When you receive medical care, give your doctor or hospital your personal insurance information first, explaining this is your primary coverage. If you have your DMBA ID at that time, you can give that information to your doctor or hospital, explaining this is your secondary payer. If care is provided after you have received your DMBA ID, then give the doctor or hospital your assigned DMBA ID and DMBA’s address and telephone number so providers can bill DMBA directly for any amount not covered by your insurance.

    Please note, DMBA will reimburse expenses up to 30 days after your enrollment in CAMA. Reimbursement requests after those 30 days will be returned to you. That is so you can work with your medical or dental providers to have them submit bills directly to DMBA for payment.

  7. If the provider won’t submit a secondary bill, you must send DMBA an itemized claim form from the provider and your insurance company’s Explanation of Benefits (EOB) showing what was paid.
  8. When seeking reimbursement, please use the Reimbursement Form.

For more information about CAMA guidelines, go to the Church Activity Medical Assistance Handbook.